Top 10 Cheers of all time

Top 10 Cheers of all time

We have compiled what we think are the top 10 cheers of all time, we have compiled this list just for fun and i am sure there are many people that would disagree , leave a comment as to why or if you know of one that should be in top 10 by all means post it :)


10.  “Be Aggressive”

Be aggressive

B-E  A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E

Be aggresive!


9. “Fight”

We’re gonna spell fight in a way that’s better so when I  say get on up,

you just shout the letter,

Get on up, F,

Get on up, I,

Get on up, G,

Get on up, H,

Get on up, T

What’s that spell?


What do we do?


One more time,



8.  “You May Be Good At Football”

You may be good at Football

You may be good at Track

But when it comes to Basketball

You better watch your Back

Cardinals Attack!

(Stomp, Clap, Stomp Stomp, Clap, Stomp Stomp, Clap Clap, Stomp Stomp,

Repeat Once

Repeat Cheer and Stomp and Clap


7. “Big G Little O

Big “G” Little “O”

Go, Go!



6.  “Red Hot”

Our team is red hot,

Our team is red hot,

Our team is red hot,

Our team is r-e-d h-o-t.

Once we start, we can’t be stopped!

Let’s go, let’s go!


5. “Victory”


That’s the cardinal’s battle cry!

Victory, Victory, Victory!

4.  “Super”

The S is for super and

The U is for United

The P is for perfection and you know we are excited

The E is for energetic and

The R is for Rad

so tell the other team

We’re the best and we’re glad!


3. “Knock ‘em Down”

Knock ‘em down

Roll ‘em around

Come on defense work, WORK!

2. “Hot to Go”


Triad Cards (clap)

Are hot to go


Hot to go


1. Any cheers by SNL’s   “Spartan Cheerleaders” Spartan Spirit!

R.O.W.D.I.E. That’s the way we spell rowdy, rowdy lets get rowdy.  R.O.W.D.I.E.   Spartan spirit!  Spartan spirit!  Spartan Spirit!

So check us out.  U.G.L.Y. you ain’t got no alibi.  Your ugly, hey hey your ugly.

K.I.N.G.  You can’t take my king from me your ugly.  Yeah yeah your ugly.  Not cute. Spartan spirit, Spartan Spirit.




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