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By now, most competitive cheerleading teams are gearing up for their first competition of the season.  Whether it’s your first season competing or your 10th, there are many important factors that contribute to having a successful competition day and season.  While competing can be stressful, there are several ways to minimize the chaos and anxiety that comes along with competition.  We’ve put together a list of 10 important tips for competition that will help you maximize your competition experience and rock every cheer competition of the season!

Always have a backup plan

At a cheerleading competition, anything can happen!  Having a backup plan could be the difference between a winning routine and a hot mess.  If a team member is unable to compete, an gust of wind blows your signs away during your routine, or it starts raining at an outdoor competition, an unprepared team would have to change everything on the spot, whereas a team that planned for issues can just say, “Let’s go to plan B.”  Have a Plan B!!

Bring extra uniforms and accessories

Competition day is always extremely hectic and stressful, and little things like hair bows and bloomers are easily lost or left behind at home or at the hotel.  Always bring extras of everything you might need at the competition (bows, bloomers, socks, an extra copy of your music, hairspray, hair pins, etc).  Nothing is worse than getting to a competition and realizing you don’t have what you need!  If you pack extras, you will be prepared if something breaks or a teammate accidentally leaves something at home.

Focus on YOUR routine

It is easy to become flustered when you see the teams your competing against perform flawless routines or do extremely difficult stunts and pyramids.  Don’t doubt yourself or your team’s ability.  Focus on perfecting your routine, and block out everyone else.  The more you obsess over your competition, the more your nerves will start to affect your performance.  And just remember, the other teams might also be evaluating your routine (and getting nervous too)!

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