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LiCheers for every sport, skill level and style of cheering:
Li 200+General SideLine/Floor Cheers and Chants
LiCheers and Chants for Youth/Beginners
LiCheers for Softball
LiCheers for Volleyball
LiCheers for Wrestling
Li300 of the most popular Competition Cheers!
Li200+ Cheers for Halftimes “Hello” Cheers, Floor cheers
Li400+ Defense Chants
LiE-Book500+ Offense Chants
LiCheers for Football
LiCheers for Basketball




30 “Old School” Cheers that bring you waaaay back to Cheerleading’s roots, It’s a Blast!


Xtra Bonus

Cheer Quotes: 180+ of the most inspiring and cool sayings for: T-Shirts, posters, sayings, etc.

 extra bonus

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HeaderI Was amazed on all the different types of awesome cheers , when I first purchased your book, I could not put it down, I simply Love, love all your different types of cheers of all types of sports. i especially liked the ‘old school’ cheers section, it took me back to when I was cheeringfooter

This book, is on one of all time favorites, I pretty much use it for every game, thanks for the book. We rocked the home crowd, and I took all the credit. =)



-Brandy Houpt

Mt. Clairborne High School Cheer Team

HeaderOMG, I bought your book, and was thrilled on all the amazing cheers, my squad & I LOVE IT! :) footer


-Meagan Rizzo

New Heights High School Head Cheerleader

HeaderI have been looking everywhere for this book, I didn’t even know it existed, am I glad I found you!!! I Loved the cheers section, especially the part about the quotes, I used a couple of them, lolfooter


-Sidney Koontz

Rayburn High School Head Cheerleader


LiYour e-book is the most organized and easiest to learn cheer book I’ve ever used. I cant wait to use these cheers at next home game, thanks :)

-Coach Sharon, M.I.S.D.

Liyou’ve done something very cool here , my friend told me about this site, so I purchased your book, well I just wanna thank you,we totally rocked the house this Friday with new cheers, thanks to you, love youuuuu.


LiI was looking for softball cheers, and was very suprised on the great cheers I got from this book, such great ones, my team loves your softball cheers!, Thanks

- Carol

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LiLexie Marshall, Cheer Xtreme
“The Ultimate Cheerleader Cheers and Chants Handbook is a must-have for every cheerleader and cheer coach. It’s a wounderful and insighful book that will definately prepare any first-time coach with a huge collection of cheers.”

LiMaya Martinez, Stallion All-Stars
“Whether you’re a beginner coach or a seasoned one, this book will make a great addition to your resources. This is a book that can easily become your ‘bible’ for coaching cheerleading successfully.”

LiThis is a great all-inclusive book! There are so many out-of-date cheerleading books on the market that i jumped on this one. So many books cover basic cheers, that I was hoping this would offer a little more. I was most impressed with the organization of the different types of cheers by sport, very helpful. that is the distingushing factor of this book. I don’t know of any other book that contains so many Cheerleading cheers especially for all sports with step by step, how to details.

LiMy recommendation is to have “The Ultimate Cheerleader Handbook” on your shelves if you are a player, cheerleader,coach or a cheer advisor.” Coach-Jen


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