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BasketBall Cheers BookTrue basketball fans know that basketball is a game of emotions, the game is filled with excitement, anticipation, and is filled with hopefully great cheers from the fans.  Nothing can ignite a teams fire more than the cheers and chants from the teams fans and cheerleaders.  Cheerleaders are an important factor in the game of basketball, more so than in any other sport!, so to be a Great Cheerleader for your basketball team, you must have your squad prepared with the latest and greatest basketball cheers.
Below are just a few of some cheers, but if you are serious about your  Cheer squad becoming a MAIN factor in the outcome of the game, You must get your hands on the Basketball Cheers Book.


Basketball Cheers

Let’s Score Two More


To the hoop Panthers!

To the hoop Panthers!

Let’s score two more!

Panthers! Let’s Win (Basketball)


Jump, Jump!

Get it, Get it!

Panthers! Let’s Win!

Put It In

P-U-T-I-T In

Take that ball

And put it in!

Put That Ball Up

Come on Eagles

Let’s turn this game around

Put that ball up

And take them down!


Pull down

That rebound

Go Eagles go!

Score Two More

Panthers (clap) in the stands

Stomp (stomp on “stomp”) your feet and clap (clap on “clap”) your hands

Score! Two! More! (stomp and clap on each word)

Score! Two! More! (stomp and clap on each word)

Score! Two! More! (stomp and clap on each word)

basketball cheers

Cheers for Basketball

Shoot It

Shoot it (pause)

Shoot the ball for two!

Take That Ball to the Hoop, Hoop!


Dribble, dribble.

Shoot, shoot.

Take that ball to the hoop, hoop!

Take It Away

Take it away (clap,clap)

Defense (clap,clap) (Repeat 3 times)

Take That Ball Away

Panther fans (clap on “fans”)

Let me hear you say (clap on “say”)

Take that ball away! (clap)

Take that ball away! (clap)

Take that ball away!

We Want A Basket!


Dribble it! (clap, clap)

Pass it! (clap, clap)

Dribble it, Pass it,

We want a basket!

BasketBall Cheers Book

*Remember these Basketball Cheers and Chants are an incredible and Unique collection that you will not find anywhere else, and are especially crafted to pump the crowd for Basketball.

Here is what you will do when you purchase this Incredible New Basketball Cheers Book:

  • Your Cheer squad will surprise the home crowd with new and awesome cheers that you will have learned from using this book.
  • Your basketball team will become inspired by your NEW Cheers and Chants.
  • You and your squad will be loved by the team, fans, coaches, for such awesome show of support.

These Cheers are great for Elementary, Jr. High, High School, and even College.

You will get:
Hello Basketball Cheers
Sideline cheers and chants
Halftime Cheers
Cheers for made baskets
Cheers for Offense
Cheers for Defense

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  1. Samantha says:

    T-A-K-E! Take that ball away! (repeat 2 times)

  2. I love the cheers but I am 9 years old and I want to know where I can cheer at because I really want to cheer and my friends have cheered before but I never cheered……………

  3. [...] By means of using basketball cheers at the precise time with appropriate motions can create the unfathomable blow on the game, and can stimulate the players far more than what is needed to save the game. Enjoy while performing these basketball cheers, and boost your team to its much-deserved triumph. Make yourself a part of the basketball team on the game! Cheer with motions to liven up the entire show. Let everyone get involve in the entire cheering process. Once the team will claim the triumph and rewarded with a roar from a stadium full of cheering fans, feel and be proud to say we made it! A basketball cheers has always the promise of winning the game. From the cheerleading cheers, the chants, the unparalleled vigor soaring high, the players in form, the adrenaline rush, the tension in the air and basketball cheers begin, then that sign for the game to actually seize force to win. Players are prepared for what should be the best thing to follow. Their moves that they ‘ve practiced make a challenge altogether their fame. While emotion of the basketball cheers uproar in the ground, the intense desire of the team players vigorously seize the chances of triumphant. basketball cheers [...]

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